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Even if I go through the deepest darkness, I will not be afraid, Lord,

for you are with me.

Your shepherd’s rod and staff protect me.

Psalm 23 v 4

Good News Bible


Prayer for Dark Times

God, we pray for healing and comfort for anyone dealing with physical or mental pain. 
We pray that they find refuge in You in the midst of their pain.

May You continue to give them the strength to keep going.

To push through those dark moments and know You are with them every step of the way


Sopha Rush via Insta.





Banner Cross News


Our  Minister, Rev Philip Peacock

 The Lectionary for the next three weeks click here




The CONNEXION Magazine.


 Remember Rev Rod Hill, our Superintendent some years ago?  He has an article in the Spring edition of Connexion, 'Following the evidence to the risen Christ'.  Copies with other articles , several on open-air worship such as Forest Church, are available on the table near the door.

  The other articles include:

 'Golden milestone for women's ministry' - three ordained women share their stories.  In July, the Methodist Church will celebrate 50 years of women being ordained as presbyters (ministers).

'Remembering our roots' - about Wesley Day on 24th May, and the closest Sunday - Aldersgate Sunday. 

 'Providing space to heal' - about a bereavement reflection course.



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Jackie is now making little pies again – choose chicken or minced beef as before.  Sadly, the price must increase to £2.50 and she will have to put the 50p into her housekeeping! Jackie will continue baking until Pentecost ( 19th May ) The pie proceeds will go to our regular Charities.



As many of you are aware, Ben’s Centre is a small local charity serving vulnerable people who have issues with drink and may be sleeping rough. The Centre offers food and a safe environment where people can shower, obtain clothes and get advice according to their needs.

Ben’s is always short of men’s socks, underwear, scarves, hats, gloves, not forgetting the essential supplies of coffee, tea, and sugar.  So, for the price of a new pack of socks and underwear, or a donation of any unwanted warm clothing, you could really make a difference especially as the colder weather approaches.

If you require any more information, please speak to Richard/Kathryn  Warren or Alan Brailey.

Your donated clothing or food items may be placed in the collection bin which may be found outside

Room no 1.

Thank you

Sue Cox


Church Memories


Dear Banner Cross Members and Friends 

You will have hopefully already heard that next year we’ll be celebrating our Church’s Special 120th Anniversary. We’ll be holding two days of events on Saturday 29th June and Sunday 30th, which we’ll be widely advertising.
 One of my roles will be to collect some personal stories and memories of what the church has meant to you and/or still means to you.
 I’m going to get the stories printed and make them available for people to read during the Saturday exhibitions. We’d like people to write no more than an A4 side please.
 Also as a guidance I’m going to suggest a few questions/suggestions as follows:
 When did you start to attend church or take part in your group? It might be relevant to mention the name of someone who brought you or introduced you to the activity you took part in.
 You might like to write about a particular event which meant a lot to you.
 You might wish to talk about a person or family - or several, who played a large part in your welcome or enjoyment of Banner Cross.
It would be lovely and appreciated if you’re happy to add your name to your piece but if you would rather not, that’s also fine.
 Please email me your memories as a word document or just in an email is ok too, at (Note the ‘a’ in the middle of my e-address if you’re not copying and pasting) 
Looking forward to hearing from you.
Chris Rowe


There are lots of books on the shelves in the church building. 

On the bookshelves at the back of the Coffee Lounge - on the right as you are looking at the back wall - are paperback books.  These are mostly, but not exclusively, novels, and are for sale at a minimum donation of £1.  The proceeds from donations go to our church charities. ‘New’ books appear on a regular basis so keep looking if you are a bookworm.  There are also a few hardbacks on the bottom shelf. 

There are also some ‘Christian’ books of all types which, I suggest, can be borrowed as well as bought. These can be found on the bookshelves on the left. 

In Room 5, there are also bookshelves full of ‘Christian’ books which you can borrow.  Ask a member of the Leadership Team, or me, if you would like to look at these. 

Thank you to those who have donated books.  I hope you will browse the shelves and purchase a book or two.  Happy reading!




Holy Habits


Link to Holy Habits previous articles



We have agreed to support Magdelene over the next 4 years whilst she attends the University of Makeni.


 Letter from Magdalene Sept 2021

Update from Magdalene September 2022

Update from Magdalene September2023



Saturday Coffee

Link to current Rota scroll to end



The Noticeboard in the Coffee Lounge

Information is pinned onto the noticeboard in the Coffee Lounge. You will find the


- Notices, including Services and ‘Save the Dates’ - prepared fortnightly. Plus,

wallet of copies to be taken.

- rotas for Welcome and Worship – to amend by hand when appropriate

- current Banner Cross Preaching Plan plus wallet of copies to be taken.

- Eco-Gardens information

- a large poster about our Community Coffee Mornings on Mondays

- Saturday Coffee Morning rota

- Info about and from Magdalene

- Wi-fi information

Near the bookshelves, there are also leaflets and so on from other churches in

the Circuit.



Eco Garden Group



Link to Eco Garden Summer Update


Link to previous Wild Garden Updates


The Worship Cloud

Link to Newsletter


Dear Reader,

We are asking for News of our Church Family, and others known to us.  Please get in touch with Tim Wilson or Alison Russell if you have any news to share, but always get permission from those involved for the news to go onto the church website and to be distributed to those who are not online. 




All poetry previously displayed on this page is available to view via the link below

Link to all Poetry




The Gospel According to Brian's Class

Link to recent articles


United Reform Church have produced some excellent guides including Zoom Meetings

Link to URC guides


Link to forthcoming Eco Church events

Link Eco Church








Carers News! is produced by Sheffield Carers Centre 

Link here to March 2024 Issue


Carers News previous issues




Link to Circuit website

For news & articles from the wider circuit





The Archer Project is in need of a continuing supply of Pot Noodles, tinned fish or fruit with ring pulls and breakfast cereals. Don’t forget to support the Food Bank with an extra item when you do your shopping. Please donate unwanted clean clothing/shoes/blankets/sleeping bags to Ben’s Centre via Alan Brailey.

Thank you for your continued support to all these charities.




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