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Updated 30th September 2020


Prayer is Never the Last Resort of God’s People.  It Is Our First Point of Action


Don’t worry about anything, but in all your prayers ask God for what you need, always asking him with a thankful heart.  And God’s peace, which is far beyond human understanding, will keep your hearts and minds safe in union with Christ Jesus.

Good News Bible: Philippians Ch 4 vs 6-7

For those able to return to the church building for services and activities: God keep them safe.

For the vulnerable: God protect the elderly and those suffering from chronic health conditions.

For the young and strong: God give them the necessary caution to keep them from unwittingly spreading the virus.

For those with mental health challenges who feel anxious and isolated: God provide them with every necessary support.

For frontline health and social care workers: God keep them, their families, and the people they care for safe and healthy.

For the scientific community, leading the race to find a vaccine and treatments: God give them knowledge and wisdom.

God, we trust that you are good and do good.  Teach us to be your faithful people in this time of global crisis.




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Christian Aid for Displaced Refugees in Lebanon and Iraq Is the charity we are supporting to raise £5000 over 2 years and donations are greatly appreciated.

The Archer Project is in need of a continuing supply of Pot Noodles, tinned fish or fruit with ring pulls and breakfast cereals. Don’t forget to support the Food Bank with an extra item when you do your shopping. Please donate unwanted clean clothing/shoes/blankets/sleeping bags to Ben’s Centre via Alan Brailey.

Thank you for your continued support to all these charities.

Coronavirus Guidance

See link below to Methodist Church Guidance, resources & latest guidance.

Link to Guidance

Link to Track & Trace Info

Coronavirus & Pastoral Care At this time please be aware of any vulnerable people & help in any way we can. If you feel vulnerable or anxious PLEASE contact someone from church. We are here to help. 

Link to Dementia Support during the Crisis - from Sheffield Directory

Holy Habits

Link to Holy Habits recent articles



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Little Fish Group
Hi Parents & Carers,
Just to update you, that we are in the process of working out how we can open Little Fish Toddler Group safely & comply with COVID guidelines.
I will be in touch with you, hopefully in the near future with a date to re-start.
Many thanks
Hazel Harrison
Phone: 07529 146 636
You may be interested to hear that Maria has kindly offered to make some
'top of the range' (my description) attractive washable masks, in a
variety of different patterns.  She brought me some on Sunday which will
be available for those who wish to receive one. I wore one myself to the
service and can assure you that they are very comfortable and reassuring
to wear. 
A selection of masks will be available at church from Sunday 27th September, donations are requested, for the Church charity  Christian Aid for Displaced Refugees in Lebanon and Iraq. Please bear in mind that materials are £1.50 plus at least 1 hour to put together. A carboy has been placed near the door in Room 1
What an offer!  Thanks so much Maria.
Please get in touch if you would like to order a mask - my mobile is
  07814 581 357 or landline 0114 2585715 or email mjspooner@blueyonder.co.uk


Saturday Prayers Rota

The rota for the coming weeks is as follows.

October 3rd Aubrey

October  10th Margaret

October 17th Jackie

October 24th Lawrie

October 31st Chris

November 7th Aubrey

Don’t hesitate to get in touch if, for any reason, it is not convenient when your turn comes, and we’ll make alternative arrangements.

Love and best wishes to you all,


Eco Garden

Over the last few weeks we have been working on the garden to tidy it up & plant some winter vegetables. We had a final push this week & with the help of Yvonne & Stewart all the rubbish & dead plants have been removed. 

Whilst undertaking this work we have come across 6 heavy metal bars with plates at each end . They were standing at the side of the storage cupboard, if anyone knows what these were used for would they get in touch with me otherwise they are destined for scrap.

There is still a little work to do to the approach from the car park, if you would like to get involved or help in any way please let me know.

Many thanks Tim W.


New Poetry Group

The new Poetry Group has met twice already out-of-doors.  We will be considering, every month, how and where we can meet or at least exchange our poems under the current restrictions. 



Back to Work

Well I feel like the new girl, on her first day.

New rules, PPE, walking only one way.

Walking in ‘bubbles’ with very young children.

Smiling faces, and shouting, “Walk, don’t run.”


Six months at home doing jigsaws and reading.

Lockdown was strange, isolating and shielding.

This virus is here now, part of our lives.

Wearing masks, 2 meters apart, but we still thrive.


So lovely to see the kids’ smiling faces.

Chatter, holidays, tying children’s laces.

Out in the playground, running about.

Joyous to hear the children shout.


All in all, not too bad, this first day.

Life goes on, but in a different way.






Where on Earth …… ?

Where on earth have I put me purse?

Yesterday I lost me bag;

In the olden days, when I had me wits,

But technology now has got me fuddled.

The phone should always be kept by the stairs.

Me specs have legs, more than I can claim,

I’ve tried tying knots but tissues won’t take it.

I’ll just sit still and not move a muscle.


I kid you not – I’m getting worse!

Trailed upstairs again – what a drag.

Each thing in the house was kept in its ……. place.

Me eyes are dim! and me brain is muddled.

But the mobile job could be any old wheres.

And biros run everywhere, just the same.

Whatever I touch I’m sure to break it.

And maybe life will be less of a tussle.



4th September 2020


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The Gospel According to Brian's Class


Jesus and the mute

Dan went into the inn that evening to have a drink with Amos who he saw sitting in a corner with two drinks already on the table. “Hi Amos, did you see what happened to Zac this afternoon?”
“Yes I saw it, I heard it and still I can’t believe what I saw…. can you?”
“Well, no, but my wife was blown away by it all, got home and was inspired to write this ditty.”

The mute man was very sad,
"But if you see Jesus, he will make you glad."
His friends ushered him through the crowd,

The noise and shouting was very loud.
They watched, they listened as Jesus walked
Onwards through the crowd as he talked.
At last he came upon the man who couldn't speak.
Whose body was strong, but his spirit weak.
He knelt down upon one knee, as Jesus said,
"Now you've seen me
And now you've heard,
Go on your way and spread my word.
Your lips are opened, your spirit is free."
The crowd were amazed and full of awe,
"We've never seen this in Israel before!"

Amos said “That’s good, but watch out for those Pharisees, don’t let them hear you say that, it’s dangerous.”

“Why should that be” exclaimed a puzzled Dan.
“They feel threatened, they feel God should be doing these things through them and not through a carpenter’s son.”
“But surely God works in all sorts of different ways through all of us, doesn’t he?”
“I know it,” replies an exasperated Amos, “you know it – but the Pharisees don’t.”

At that moment Zac, the mute, walked into the pub, went up to the landlord and said “The drinks are on me – thanks be to God.”


Contributions by Kate, Steve, Brian and Kathy.

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