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Draft Notes from the Eco Group Meeting and Working Party of Tuesday 22 March 2022

Present - Gen and Sean Ashton; Ann and Chris Barker; Paula Jones; Stewart and Yvonne McIntosh; Andrew Watchorn; Tim Wilson.

The first thing to note is that it was a really good session with some general planning getting done; opinions being shared; lots of undergrowth being cleared away and agreements reached. We began at 10.00am with a walk round the grounds starting at the car park. The group quickly fragmented (geography!) and so I apologise if your thoughts or decisions are not fully reflected here. Please let me know what is missing and I’ll do a redraft.

Action - all Car park hedge - to be maintained by EcoTree. ( At some future point we could look at furry leaved plants for the car park border - they absorb exhaust fumes better than most and it may be a ‘thing’ for under the church walls in front of the grass verge. ??? Y ) ECOTREE

Car park border to the right of the allotment path - needs additional planting - possibly fruit / herbs. Action - Andrew

Inside the gate It was agreed as we went that the border on the right of the allotment path would continue to be developed as is, and that some signage would be needed so that the uninitiated would recognise the fauna as wild plants and not weeds. Andrew has a (finalised?) list of plants that are already in the ground. Sean to help with signage Action - Sean and Andrew

The hedge within the gates and to the right of the path is to be maintained by the contractors EcoTree - Action - Tim et al Bird boxes - Sean has made some robin boxes and Y&S have a bat box and ‘terrace’ to donate. Sean to site these. Action - Sean

The bushes outside the gate (currently being removed) to be ‘logged’ / shredded and used as mulch underneath the long hedge. The large bush to the left of the pedestrian gate is not to be removed. The woody clippings we are producing to be used as a mulch. (Excess could be offered free to the congregation or passers by). Action - Andrew with help

One of the coping stones on the ‘lane wall’ needs resettling. Action - Andrew (with help?)

(The pedestrian gate needs painting at the very least ) Anyone want to lead on the gate?

The wormery is not being used and is to be removed. Action - Yvonne and Stewart

To the left of the ‘allotment’ path - a rhubarb plant may need to be replaced Action Y&S (Also I’d suggest the gooseberries are moved as they are not safe for small children - too jaggy!) Y Tim , Stewart and Yvonne to oversee the ‘allotment’ area.

The greenhouse needs to be cleaned and set up ready for use - Action Y & S . Repair to greenhouse door required. - Do we need a professional repair - no offence :-). Action - Tim and Chris?

Front of church - the bed with the green ‘gas box‘ is to continue to be developed as is. ‘Hard landscaping’ materials are needed - Y and S have stones, and the makings of wooden stepping stones if Tim can cut chainsaw them from a ‘block.’??? (we lost a tree in last month’s storms). Hopefully we can find a clean pallet, if needed, for the planting squares Action - Andrew &Y&S

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24th Feb 2022

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