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Notes from Eco-congregation meeting, 19th Sept 2015

Present at the meeting were Tim Crome, Margaret Spooner, Andrew Watchorn, Helen Watson, Rosemary Felton, Jackie Dunn, Paula Jones, Yvonne McIntosh, Gen Ashton & Sean Ashton.  Tim opened the meeting with a welcome and a prayer.

Margaret opened with devotions.


Margaret stated that at a recent class meeting when Yvonne had talked about the Eco-congregation, several people had not heard of it or did not know what was happening.  This led to a discussion about communication and it was decided to ask Property Committee about a noticeboard.  We have a free standing one that can be used and moved – Action Tim to take to property committee – Update Property Committee are fine with this.

Water bottles in cisterns

Yvonne suggested putting bottles filled with water in cisterns to save water when flushing.

This was raised at property committee who are fine with this but they suggested checking out the Yorkshire water website because they provide special bottles for this purpose. Action – Yvonne to check website and look into this

Further actions

  • Leading from the point above, sort out the notice board (Sean/Yvonne)
  • do news slots in the Service (all but need to co-ordinate)
  • Put a ring binder together with key information (Yvonne)
  • Keep the noticeboard up-to-date and dynamic – use a sense of humour (all)
  • Rosemary has information from the RSPB that can be used on the noticeboard
  • Notes of meeting to Tim W to add to the website (Sean)

Bible Study

Jackie had located a bible study course but was thought to be too basic.  Sean will download resources from Eco-congregation website and circulate (Sean)

It was confirmed that the service on the 18th October by Michael Bayley can be recorded. Eric will do this (Eric)


It was agreed that we would put on a film (possibly ‘Chasing Ice’) on the 7th November with a soup lunch to raise money for the Burkina Faso project. Actions - Sean/Yvonne will co-ordinate this. Paula will lead the soup team.


Yvonne has some DVDs (and a portable DVD palyer for those without this facility) that could be loaned for a small donation towards the Burkina Faso project (Yvonne to organise)

Sean also mentioned an event about climate change put on by the Sheffield Methodist Circuit on 17th October at the Beacon Broomhill


Tim mentioned that the possible redevelopment of the school room may result in reduced grounds, so that this should be taken into consideration with regard to any plans by the Eco team.  If we leave this as a wild area, that would work well.

Look around the gardens after the service on the 27th September. Update – this was announced by Rachel Tomlinson in the service.

Sean and Bob Mellers to meet with Hunter’s Bar Landscapes to discuss the general tidying arrangements in the garden. Action – Sean to contact Bob


As yet we have not discussed the mission and outreach module. We will discuss this next-time and include a Vegetarian Cookbook in our discussions

Green tips – include in Yellow pages whenever space allows (There was no space this week!)

Next meeting – 24th October, 10.30 am, Room 6


Eco-congregation update 14th October 2015


Things are gathering pace as we start to implement some of the ideas from the Eco-congregation themes we have chosen to work towards so far – all age & adult education and Church land.


At the meeting in September we agreed to have an Eco-congregation display to keep members of the congregation informed about what we are doing and you should have seen this for the last couple of weeks now. There is also a folder with all the notes of the meetings for people to read.


With regard to the adult education, we will be looking to run a bible study course which looks at some of the issues of climate change, in the near future.  Also, Michael Bayley from St. Marks Broomhill was invited to speak during One World Week linking some of the climate change issues to issues of inequality and injustice.


With regard to Church land we have visited two church gardens which were very inspiring and have taken a tour of our own garden to see what we can do at Banner Cross.  Talks have taken place with Hunters Bar Landscapes about clearing some of the overgrown areas we wish to develop and we will hopefully be able to get going with some ideas soon.


Although we are focusing on the two areas above, we are seeking to embed a caring for God’s creation in all we do.  We welcome anyone to share their thoughts and ideas and to attend the meetings.


Date for your diaries - On the 7th November, following coffee, we are having a soup lunch followed by a film called‘Chasing Ice’. Donations from the lunch will go to our Burkina Faso fund.


The Eco team


PS We have put water saving devices in each of the toilet cisterns


Summary of Eco Church meeting – 11th November 2017


The main focus of the meeting was on revisiting the Eco Church Survey, with a particular focus on the buildings aspect where we are still at Bronze level.  Each of the questions still outstanding was allocated to a member of the team to investigate and report back to the next meeting.  These included, amongst other things:

  • Carbon footprints
  • Carbon offsetting
  • Boiler efficiency
  • Insulation
  • Double glazing
  • Lighting
  • Water butt
  • Signs for cycles
  • Ground source heat pumps and solar panels

Opening the garden to the community

  • Yvonne will look at organising ‘open garden’ events on a fairly regular basis.  Starting with a Saturday morning event in the spring. 
  • Advertise gardening days
  • Get some signs encouraging the community to use the garden
  • Purchase a bench


Eco Church Notice board

  • This will be updated and incorporate a section for a wildlife notice board – watch this space!


Next meeting – Saturday 13th January, 2018 – all welcome

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Eco Meeting 4th October 2017