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1985 – 2020

The Church Council agreed to set up a Lunch Club that met for the first time in 1985, serving its first Christmas Dinner for 66 members and volunteers in 1986.

The first application for a grant from the City Council was in 1991 and stated; -

‘The Lunch Club had started in 1985, and met weekly on Tuesdays for 47/8 times a year to provide a two course hot meal followed by a drink of tea/coffee and a varied period of entertainment for members of the community living within one mile radius of the church’.

There were six coordinators and sixteen cooks (in four teams), each team meeting monthly to provide the freshly made two course meals. Each meeting of the Lunch Club needed a minimum of 12 volunteers, including drivers and others for serving and for washing up and  admin.

The Club had a capacity for 48 members, occasionally with a waiting list.

At the Christmas Dinner entertainment was often led by children from Ecclesall Junior School. More recently members had also been invited in early December by students in the year before A-level for a sandwich and cake lunch followed by performing arts activities. These were funded by the students as part of their work with the community and their current charity.

A Quarterly Report was made to the City Council/Voluntary Action Sheffield as part of the Grants received as contributions towards rent to the Church for the rooms used.

The Lunch Club was awarded its 30 Year certificate in 2015.

The club last met on 10 March 2020 when there were 40 members and an average age of 87; and 39 volunteers with an average age of 72. It closed with the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic.

It was with sadness that our Lunch and Friendship Club decided not to re-open following the Covid-19 pandemic which coincided with the retirement of several volunteers, some having given many years of service.

We realise our members may have been very disappointed but we hope they will have pleasant memories of excellent meals, the variety of entertainment and the opportunities to meet others.

In the 35 years serving the community, any success the Lunch Club achieved always relied on the care, commitment and good humour of our volunteers, many of whom had served for several years.

Ian McCollough

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