Covid Guidance - Returning to Chuch

Dear all,


The Church council met this week to look at when we might gather for physical worship again.

There was a good sharing of varied views with hesitancy being expressed by some and an urgency to gather again.  There was recognition that our local infection rates are increasing and also many of us have received at least one vaccine. Some expressed a positive appreciation of the zoom services, others are unable to access them or do not find it so helpful as a medium for worship. Some expressed the possibility of gathering while wearing masks, being distanced and not singing as less helpful than the zoom services, others expressed a strong desire to be together even with the limitations.

The practical needs of stewarding and everyone keeping their distance and accepting reminders of the guidelines were mentioned.


The decision was made that we would alternate physical worship with zoom services from 18th April.


This gives everyone the opportunity to experience worship regularly in their preferred style. It will not please everybody, but then not everybody is pleased at the moment. But it allows us to be as inclusive as possible while we reflect on the what is happening in the wider community. The 18th of April is the first Sunday after shops and other activities reopen, and so we are in tune with the guidelines for everyone.


The leadership team meets on Monday to look at how we will implement this decision.


So Next Sunday is Easter Day and I will lead the zoom service. On 11th April Sylvia will lead a zoom service, on 18th April Jackie will lead the service in Church.




Covid Guidance - Returning to Chuch

Returning to Church 2021

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