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A prayer from our Lent course - Glimpses Of God

Prayer is a central part of the Christian life.  What is prayer...?  Quite simply, it is talking to God.

Prayers can be said at anytime, anywhere. You can find details on how to pray on your own on our Help With Prayer page.

Prayers are said during a service, thanking God for what we have received, asking for forgiveness for wrong things we have done, or things we should have done but have not done and asking for things for other people and ourselves. If there is someone or something you want the minister/prayer leader to pray about during the service there is a book to write in. Please ask a member of the Welcome Team to show you where it is kept.

If you wish the Prayer Team to say a prayer please fill in the Prayer Request or there is a prayer box in the porch where prayer requests can be left . The Prayer Team meets between 9.30 a.m. and 10.00 a.m. on Saturday morning in the Quiet Room. Anyone can join the team. For further details contact Shirley Coates on 01142362393.

A Prayer Cross has been placed on the notice board in the porch and is reserved for prayer suggestions for people or situations which need prayerful attention. A supply of sticky notes has been placed nearby for you to write a topic/persons name on, and then stick on the cross for everyone to be able to see and respond in prayer.

We also have a Prayer Chain for urgent prayer requests. If you have an urgent prayer request please contact Shirley Rowe on 01142360631 or Rev. Tim Crome on 01144389012.

We have started a scheme, Prayer Triplets, where three people can meet regularly to pray.

If you wish to pray in the church at other times the Quiet Room is normally open when the building is open. Two booklets of prayers in support of persecuted Christians produced by the Barnabas Fund have been placed in the Quiet Room. These can be used by anyone. If you want to pray for persecuted Christians at home prayers can be downloaded from www.barnabasfund.org.

If you come into church to pray and do not know how to, or can not put your thoughts into words, please ask someone and we will try to help you.

If you would like to borrow a book on prayer a choice can be found on Banner Cross Bookshelves.

Each year we join with other churches in the Ecclesall area for the Women's World Day Of Prayer. We also join with other churches and faiths in the Week Of Prayer For World Peace.

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