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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

There has been a lot of exercising of power this year. Presidents and Prime ministers have made declarations and decisions which have affected the everyday lives of whole populations. For many this is a completely new experience, to have to obey laws, changing guidance, and not to be free to follow their own lives unhindered by such limitations.

In this Holy week of Christmas, there is the call for us to stop….

to pause….

to focus in….

to ponder the things of heaven.

That in the midst of pandemics, inequalities, suffering, war and famine, God comes.

In the midst of uncertainty, anxiety and fear, God comes.

When we can’t be close and hug one another, God comes and offers his embrace in the unexpected, vulnerable child of the manger; the soon to be refugee, cast out from homeland and community.

Even pandemics, Presidents or Prime Ministers, can’t stop God’s plans and intentions from coming to fruition. 

So in our pondering the things of heaven mixed up and intermingled with our living, our suffering and our wondering, may we allow the seeds of hope, peace and joy to grow within us. For that is God’s invitation; as he shares himself with us, so we are involved, play our part, in God’s kingdom growing. A different way of exercising power, driven by love, compassion and hope.

Have a good Christmas and we pray for a better New Year.

Peace      Tim

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