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Letters from Tim

Dear all,

A few pieces of news:

The funeral for Brian Payne will be at 11am on 26th Jan at Hutcliffe Wood. There will be limited numbers able to be in the chapel.

We have also heard that Hilda Muntz dies this week. She was 99!  Her funeral will be at Hutcliffe Wood on 25th Jan at 1.30pm.  There may be some spaces for Banner cross people to attend this service.

Here is a link to the Covenant service held at Bents Green last week         https://youtu.be/0XJszpuQZ9c


The Banner Cross Church Council met this morning ( 9th January ) and unanimously agreed that we will not be open at Banner Cross for worship with immediate effect. This is due to the increased risks of the new variant of Covid 19, and the need to protect the NHS services. This decision will be reviewed as the lockdown proceeds.

We recognised that this decision will disappoint some, to others it will be a relief. But to mitigate the decision we also agreed that we will have a go at zoom worship beginning tomorrow.

There was some excitement about this possibility.

It will allow us to see and converse with each other without masks.

We can have prayers, and readings led by different people. We can also break into smaller groups to make sharing easier.

We can have music and can sing along at home with the words on the screen. 

You can turn up with your coffee.   Also we can explore how to do ‘communion’ at some time too. 

For those without computers, there is the option of using the ordinary phone to access the experience and be able to hear and contribute.  

We will need to find what works for us but we can see how that will develop with more confidence and practice.

See you tomorrow.



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