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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

This morning we woke to a heavy fall of snow. It was beautiful, hanging on every little branch of the trees. There was that magical eerie quality to everything.  At the same time, we discovered that our internet was down! So the ability to do much work seemed doomed!

So we took the opportunity to go for a walk to enjoy the spectacle.  Boots, spikes, sticks and many layers were donned and we were treated to a fantastic bout of exercise; walking in snow is tiring!

The snow is indiscriminate, covering everything, muffling the usual sounds, and yet it drew people out to sledge or build snow people. I felt sorry for those children having to do on line lessons, rather than getting outside and having some much needed fun.

Thus we managed to grasp an opportunity while it was there. Soon after our return the thaw had begun and I wondered whether I would have to clear the drive to make the essential journey in the afternoon.

Grasping fleeting opportunities both large and small are essential in these trying times. Relishing and appreciating them brings hope and joy too. I hope we are finding surprises in this lockdown and the ability to make the best use of them too.

After our walk, we got home to discover that the internet had reconnected once more, so I had no excuse not to attend the virtual scheduled meeting and to write this letter!

If you do have an unexpected surprise or experience, don’t keep it to yourself. Pick up the phone and share it to make a difference to someone else as well. 



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