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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

I was talking to someone yesterday who has colleagues at work who have been double jabbed and have had Covid twice, since their jabs. A reminder that we continue to live with risk and the need to take care for our own sakes and that of others is important.

Some have been asking about the wearing of masks in church and whether it is still necessary, especially if we can remove them to have coffee. The risk of the spread of the virus is by aerosol droplets from breathing out. Wearing masks is one of the most effective ways of restricting the spread alongside good ventilation. The risk of spread is also heightened the longer you are in proximity with someone. So, wearing mask helps to reduce this risk. This practice, though not mandatory, is the practice and advice in many enclosed public places.

We recently explored the possibility of reintroducing café style worship in church. However, to sit without masks for an extended period of time raises the risk factor significantly.  Thus our current approach is to encourage the wearing of masks but for obvious reasons being able to remove them to have refreshments.

This was adopted at the church council following a wider discussion with the whole congregation back in the summer.

I know that people hold a range of views within the congregation. Yes, we have to live with the effects and presence of Covid into the foreseeable future; and the situation, post vaccines, is much better than before. However, the authorities keep warning that the combination of Covid and flu this autumn and winter is not to be taken lightly.

So please do wear your mask and wear it appropriately, so that we can be as safe a place as possible for all. Thank you.



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