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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

Which is your favourite resurrection story? There are plenty to choose from in the Bible. May be it is one of the upper room appearances. Or eating breakfast on the beach, or the walk to Emmaus and the trot back to Jerusalem. Of course not all of them were written down, Paul writes about the time when Jesus appears to over 500 people, but this is not recorded anywhere.

There are a range of experiences, some involving lots of people, others a select few and some private and intimate occasions.

Whichever is your favourite, I wonder if you can add to them yourself? Have you a story of a freshness of life coming into a stale and forlorn situation. A time when hope suddenly penetrated the darkness? A sense of peace descending amidst the turmoil and fear?

We may have only a few stories in the Bible, but there have been countless stories through the centuries and still happening today.  Maybe we discount such things as coincidence, or just feelings. But by discounting them we could be limiting and restricting God’s way of breaking into our experience. 

I am always amazed at the ability of plants to break through concrete to reach the light and to grow through the seemingly impossible hard substance. Or the resilience of people who keep on caring for a loved one through tick and thin, or those who serve in the food banks, those who seek out the homeless on the streets helping the desperate ones in our communities.

So be on the lookout for today’s stories of the risen Christ, savour them and share them.



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