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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

The country is now travelling on a ‘road map’ heading towards the lifting of restrictions which was announced by the Prime Minister this week. The timetable gives some provisional dates for different activities to begin again.  The Church Council will have to look at a road map for ourselves which is appropriate for our context and needs.

Our road map through Lent may be clear to us, you may be looking at a particular book, or blog, or following a course, or doing more exercise.  But you may be wondering how to mark this season. You may also feel that you may have missed the boat if you have not begun anything yet.

Lent is not about ticking off another spiritual target or achievement. It is not about competing with others in any race to be the best Christian, or to pray the most. Cynthia Bourgeault, in her book ‘The Wisdom of Jesus’, indicates that Jesus teaches his disciples through his lifestyle. He takes them with him (Mark 1:16-20) and watching him, they learn the cycle and rhythm of his life, as he moves from prayer and solitude to teaching and service in the community. He introduces them to a lifestyle, and he invites us to do the same (John 1:39).

Can’t you just see the disciples standing at Jesus’ side, watching him, noticing how he does things: how he talks to people, how he waits, how he listens, how he’s patient, how he depends on God, how he takes time for prayer, how he does not respond cynically or bitterly, but trustfully and yet truthfully? Can you imagine a more powerful way to learn, to grow and to discover?

We may like to imagine that Jesus did not doubt or ever question his Father’s love. The much greater message is that in his humanity, he did flinch, did ask questions, did have doubts – and still remained faithful. That is the path to wisdom.

Peace            Tim

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