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Letters from Tim

Dear Friends,

Anniversaries are marked in many ways. The anniversary of living under lockdown restrictions may not be something we wish to celebrate, but it is a salutary moment, especially as we continue to live with restrictions for a while longer, with the possibility of having to live with Covid 19 well into the future.

We approach another anniversary in the next weeks. The approach of Holy Week and Easter is a central part of the Christian calendar as we relive the core gospel experience among us.  We were unable to celebrate properly last year due to the first lockdown and we will not be able to freely celebrate this year either.

I know that many people and families have not be able to celebrate all sorts of anniversaries and significant events over the last year. Many are wondering whether to have ‘catch up celebrations’ in some shape or form. So, thanksgiving gatherings for those who have died without a proper funeral are hoped for and being planned. Significant wedding anniversaries and birthdays have passed without any gatherings possible. It may be that they are all stacking up, ready and waiting for a time when a belated occasion can happen.  We might have an endless time of celebrating all sorts of important life events and much loved people’s lives.

Of course, as Christians we do not wait for a year to celebrate our Easter faith. Every Sunday is a celebration of resurrection. Every communion is a celebration of Jesus presence and power among us. Every gathering of faithful followers of Jesus celebrates the Holy Spirit among us, leading, guiding, inspiring, healing and forgiving.

The resurrection stories which we will hear and read over the next few weeks are full of unexpected appearances, joyous surprises, and new realisations of God’s mysterious ways of expressing his love in creation and among his people. However, whenever and whatever you celebrate may you know abundant blessings.



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