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Letters from Tim

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I am writing to invite you to complete the enclosed questionnaire. Sorry it is so long.

Please take your time in answering the questions, perhaps pausing to pray over each one.

We are experiencing the biggest challenge of the age as we face the lockdown and the possibility of emerging from it.

Some will wish to return to what is familiar and much loved. Others will have some hesitations after being isolated and restricted in how we live our lives. Others may see opportunities to look at the future and ask what might God be saying to us all through this experience and what might God be saying to the church in particular.

For a long time, we have been aware of the changes in our society and the how the exercise of faith is very different to before. These questions help us to consider a post lockdown life of faith.

 Please be honest in your answers. If you feel uneasy about re-engaging with things you must say so. If you are in need of a change in what you have done in the past, you must say so. If you feel that we need to be very radical as a community of faith, please say so. We face the future together in faith and trust.

This opportunity to reflect is a vital first step in discerning our future.

As we do this reflecting, we will offer the chance to ask any questions or doubts you may have. We will give opportunities to discuss and share your insights too, so that we can learn from each other.

Some questions may be a Yes or No answer, others may elicit a longer response. 

You can get in touch with the leadership team or with Tim Crome

Please complete this for each person in your household or bubble. This can be done electronically or by paper and post.


If you would please return your responses by Saturday 25th July

to:               Rev Tim Crome 108 Union Road Sheffield S11 9EJ  


Many thanks

Peace                                      Tim


Post Lock down questions for people to consider

1            What have been the hardest things for you?

2            What have been the gains for you?

3            Have you found other worship experiences helpful in lockdown? What were they?

4            Have you felt connected and supported in this time?

5            Have you been able to exercise a ministry to others? If so how? (please blow your own trumpet)

6            What do you look forward to the most, post lockdown?

7            How confident and safe do you feel about coming out of lockdown?

8            What might make you feel safe?

9            If and when church is able to open again, would you be willing to go to church?

  • For services or for other activities.   Please list…

10          Would you be willing to take turns to attend worship if we have to limit numbers due to social distancing?

11          Are you comfortable wearing a face covering?

12          Singing will not be permitted, how might we adapt our services?

13          Would you be willing to link up with other churches occasionally if we cannot have weekly worship?

14          Do you depend on others for transport?

15          Would you be willing to take up any responsibilities in church that you held before?

16          Would you be willing to take up other responsibilities?

17          Coming out of Lockdown is a unique opportunity to plan for different ways of being church. Can you think of what they could look like?

18          During the last 4 months, what have we lost that must remain ‘lost’?


19          During the last 4 months, what has been lost that we need to regain?


20          During the last 4 months, what has been gained that must be retained or developed?


21          During the last 4 months, what has been ‘ok’ for a season, but must be laid down in the days and weeks ahead?


22          As we look to the coming weeks, what opportunities do we have to do something new?


23          Where might God be inviting us to step out in faith, and hope, and love?


24          How has our faith affected our experience of lockdown?


25          How has lockdown affected our experience of faith?


Please add any additional comments.                       Your name (optional) …………………………………

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