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Letters from Tim

Hello Everyone,


The restrictions are beginning to lift & we move to more shops opening, holiday accommodation opening up & being able to eat & drink outside.

How will you feel? Good, excited, strange, bit nervous? Or a mixture of all of these?

For me this is an opportunity to take stock and appreciate what I previously took for granted. Meeting up with friends for a walk & a meal. Giving each other a hug.

But I have appreciated spending more time in the garden & making it more bee & butterfly friendly. We have more areas for growing our own fruit & vegetables. Not quite Tom & Barbara from “The Good Life” but we’re working on it!!!!

I found our Good Friday Service incredibly real & moving. I really felt what Christ had endured for me, which made me think about how I should be following in his footsteps. Which reminded me of “Footprints in the sand”, which I know is a favourite reading of many at Banner Cross.

So I invite you to think about what you will really appreciate as we regain things we haven’t had for months and what you will keep and savour that you’ve enjoyed during the lockdown period that has been new/ different for you.

I’m looking forward to sharing a meal together….after all,

“We’re good at that at Banner Cross.”


Love Paula.


PS It will be Robert & Bex  (Lewis ) wedding anniversary on April 25th. We did send a wedding present of bees and ducks etc to various places around the world in their name. If you would like to contribute to this I would be pleased to receive your contributions.

Thank you.

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